The Resonance of Ancestral Memories II


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By Fabien Maman
Compact Disk (CD)

This brilliant healing CD by Fabien Maman uses 21 acoustic instruments to realign the chakras and subtle energy fields – moving up the body from the feet to the head. 45 minutes long, this is the perfect CD for practitioners who wish to “hold the energy field” for their clients.

After more than 7 years’ research, Fabien Maman developed the now famous system of using “The Cycle of Fifths” (starting with low F) instead of a diatonic scale (do, re, mi) to balance and empower the chakras. He has also developed a method to align the subtle energy fields (Aura) through an Overtone Progression. This bio dynamic system of moving energy up the body to balance the chakras, as well as expanding energy around the body in the subtle energy fields creates a whirlpool of energy, allowing deep transformation.

This version ends with a beautiful arrangement of the monochorde, crystal bowls and the Tama-Do

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