Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy


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By Denmei Shudo
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780939616732
251 pages

Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy is noted for the clarity and simplicity of its style, and is the most highly regarded introduction to this subject in Japan. The theoretical and historical basis, diagnostic framework and treatment strategies of meridian therapy are discussed in detail.

The author provides a step-by-step introduction to pulse and abdominal diagnosis, and explains how to incorporate the concepts and techniques of meridian therapy into other styles of acupuncture. The text is interwoven with case histories and anecdotes from the author’s lengthy practice.

Extensively edited in collaboration with the author to fit the needs of Western acupuncturists, this book opens the door to Japanese classical acupuncture for Western practitioners.


  • Theoretical Foundations of Meridian Therapy: yin/yang & the five phases, etiology, basic principals
  • Diagnosis: looking, listening, questioning, pulse & abdominal diagnosis
  • Differentiating the Pattern of Imbalance: symptomology of the Organs, meridians and other parts of the body, practical examples
  • Treatment: root & symptomatic treatment, five-phase points & their application, selection of points
  • Case Histories

About the Authors:

Shudo Denmei was born in Ohita, Japan in 1932. As a child he contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, but recovered through acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. He subsequently apprenticed to Miura Nagahiko (the acupuncturist who saved his life) and was trained in the Sawada style of acupuncture. He opened his own practice in 1959.

Mr. Shudo began studying and applying the concepts of meridian therapy in his practice in 1968, and is now a senior instructor at the annual summer seminars of the Japan Meridian Therapy Association. He presently serves as an officer of the Kyushu Meridian Therapy Association, board member of the Japan Meridian Therapy Association, and chairman of the Ohita Prefecture Acupuncture Association.

Steven Brown was born in Japan where he lived until the age of fourteen. In 1979 he returned from the United States to Tokyo to study Oriental medicine, and in 1983 graduated from the Japan Central Acupuncture College, after which he was licensed as an acupuncturist and shiatsu practitioner. Mr. Brown continued his study of acupuncture with such renowned teachers as Manaka Yoshio and Serizawa Katsusuke. He also lectured at the Tokyo Acupuncture and Moxibustion College.

In addition to Japanese Classical Acupuncture, Mr. Brown has translated several other books on Oriental approaches to health, including Effective Tsubo Therapy and Clinical Acupuncture, by Serizawa. He has served on the faculty of the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is currently in private practice in Seattle. Mr. Brown is editor of the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine.

Praise for Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy

Awarded the Manaka Prize by the Journal of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion

“For those interested in the refined and subtle art of Japanese meridian therapy, this eminently readable translation is an invaluable and well-thumbed companion.”

-Stephen Birch, L.Ac., Author

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