Kampo Treatment for Climacteric Disorders -eBook


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By Yoshiharu Shibata & Jean Wu
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ISBN 9780912111513

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This text presents a modern method of administration of classical Chinese herbal formulas that is known as Kampo.

Kampo is one of the oldest medical treatments of Japan. It has a long history of efficacy for aging-related and chronic degenerative diseases. It is one of the most prescribed therapies for menopausal complaints because, properly administered, Kampo medications cause few adverse reactions and can be confidently administered for long terms. Even where highly sophisticated pharmaceuticals are generally available, Kampo’s popularity has grown, specifically because of its efficacy.

The text is presented in four parts. Part One provide historical and background information and an overview of applications of Kampo within the framework of modern medicine. Part Two sets forth the rudiments of Kampo practice, from diagnosis (including techniques of abdominal palpation and pattern identification) to issues surrounding treatment and evaluation. Part Three presents Kampo treatment for climacteric disorders. Each of the eight chapters in this section focuses on one aspect of common problems affecting perimenopausal women. A special feature is the quick-reference table that accompanies each chapter, designed to facilitate the identification of appropriate remedies. Part Four provides a compendium of formulas with information regarding composition, pattern, signs and symptoms, applications, and further notes on usage or contraindications.

Readers will welcome the opportunity to learn the professional consensus on the responsible use of commercial Kampo extracts, filtered through the precise and sophisticated clinical experience of a master practitioner.

About the Authors

Dr. Yoshiharu Shibata, M.D. (1920-1993) was a radiologist and practitioner of Kampo whose career spanned more than four decades. He was a renowned clinician, a founding member of the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine, and president of an Osaka-based association dedicated to the study and diffusion of Kampo. A survivor of Hiroshima, he published articles on the role of diet in the prevention and treatment of cancer. He authored the largest compendium of prescriptions to appear in the history of Kampo – a concise reference to more than 1000 formulas compiled from classical sources, with usage notes derived from his clinical experience.

Jean Wu investigated Kampo while working in Osaka under a grant from the Nagakura Pharmaceutical Company. She completed her studies at Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges, receiving a B.A. in Chemistry and m>s> in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.


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