The Living Needle: Modern Acupuncture Technique


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By Justin Phillips
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781848193819

A thorough explanation of needling techniques for acupuncturists–from the basics of how needles work to the teaching of essential methods, the energetics, and tips to improve technique. Organized around the structure of a patient encounter, the book begins with needle selection, moving though positioning to insertion, and then on to the actions taken on an inserted needle, ending with the withdrawal.

The goal is for the clinician to be able to fully grasp what they are doing on the channels and the tissues with each of the classic manipulation techniques in a way that has hitherto been unexplored in technique textbooks. The skills discussed and described in this book can help expand any acupuncturits’s practice through their application, Further advise and information is provided through supplementary online-video demonstrations

Praise for The Living Needle

“An extraordinary guide to acupuncture needle background, protocol, and technique. Although primarily aimed at new students, experienced clinicians will surely benefit from the author’s thorough scope and in-depth examination of the very fundamentals of the art of acupuncture.”

-Jampa Mackenzie Stewart, LAc, MSOM, DiplAc, Clinical Director, Valley Spirit Wellness Center, and Professor Emeritus, AOMA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine

“The Living Needle brings the techniques of acupuncture to life. It gets right to the point, artfully presenting the techniques that every acupuncturist needs in practice and reminding us that the needle is a living tool in the hands of an artist.”

-John S. Finnell, ND, MPH, LAc, Director Doctoral Program and Research, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine

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