Returning to the Source: Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Modern Clinical Practice


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By Z’ev Rosenberg
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781848193482

Chinese medicine constantly refers back to its sources in order to initiate the new. Its source code is the Han Dynasty medical classics, and in this handbook esteemed practitioner and professor Z’ev Rosenberg shares the knowledge from his study of these classic texts and his experiences treating difficult cases.

In the tradition of the scholar-physician commentaries, Z’ev Rosenberg comments on the Su Wen/Simple Questions that introduce the core principles of the Nei Jing/Inner Canon, explaining how these inform his methodology of diagnosis and treatment. Z’ev also advises how biomedical diseases can be retranslated into sophisticated Chinese medical diagnoses, including patterns of differentiation, sequential diagnosis, synchronicity, and factors of season, climate and environment. He discusses how Chinese medicine can use unique diagnostic parameters to rebalance the landscape and chronobiology of the body, and address the greatest clinical challenges of our time, including the contemporary epidemic of autoimmune disorders.

Praise for Returning to the Source

“An invaluable encouragement to budding practitioners and seasoned experts alinke.”

-Arnaud Versluys, PhD, MD (China), LAc, Director, Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

“Spiced up liberally with enlightening quotations from Chinese Medical literature… This book is a powerful distillation of the key messages from the ancient Chinese medical classics, as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago.”

from the Forward by Sabine Wilms PhD

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