Managing Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine -eBook


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By Honora Wolfe
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ISBN 9780936185989
214 pages

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This book is a new, updated edition of a long-time Blue Poppy favorite. It is the only English language book on menopause to be based solely on the theories of Chinese medicine, yet be written in an easy-to-understand style.

With the aging of the Baby Boom generation, millions of women in the West will pass through menopause in the next 20 years. Increasing numbers of them are seeking alternatives for dealing with symptoms that may arise during and after this transition. In this user-friendly book, the author introduces Chinese medical theories and treatments that have been used for millennia to help ease this important passage in every women’s life.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why menopause is a healthy, homeostatic mechanism of the female body
  • Basic gynecological theories of Chinese medicine relevant to menopause
  • Chinese medical explanation of all major menopausal signs and symptoms
  • Self-help measures to ease or prevent most menopausal discomfort
  • What professional Chinese medicine has to offer and how to find a practitioner
  • Alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy
  • Preventing osteoporosis by strengthening your bones naturally

Since I, myself, am a menopausal women, this writing of this book had a special meaning and impact for me. This is the information about Chinese medicine that I most want to share with Western women. I hope this book can have a positive impact on the lives of many, many women.

About the author:

Honora Wolf has been involved in alternative health care for over twenty years and was the founder and first director of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Honora went on to study remedial massage in China and completed her acupuncture studies in 1988. She is the author / translator of several books on Chinese medicine, including How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Birth with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Better Breast Health Naturally with Chinese Medicine, Managing Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine, Highlights of Ancient Acupuncture Prescriptions (translated with Rose Crescenz), and Prince Wen Hui’s Cookbook: Traditional Chinese Dietary Therapy (with Bob Flaws). The co-founder and Marketing Manager of Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc. Honora teaches at conferences and acupuncture schools around the world.

Praise for Managing Menopause Naturally with Chinese Medicine -eBook

“I knew nothing about Traditional Chinese Medicine when I began reading [this book]. I soon learned that Chinese medicine is 2,000 years old, and that today the U.S. has 25 [now 50+] TCM schools, an accrediting body, and a national examining board. This means you can check the credentials of a practitioner you may wish to consult for massage, acupuncture, and [Chinese] herbal prescriptions…You will find a wealth of information about menopausal symptoms, everything from joint pain to digestive disorders to tinnitus, which [the author] relates to specific energy stagnation, organs, or the blood.”

-Menopause News, May/Jun 1992, p. 6

“For anyone approaching menopause or treating menopause, this is an informative and useful book.”

-John Bastyr College Library Letter, Nov./Dec. 1991, p. 3

“In addition to the thorough history and explanation of Chinese medicine, Wolfe covers a wide range of other subjects. Not just pointing out symptoms and how to “keep it from hurting (take to aspirins and a good soak)”, she identifies the nutritional needs of this time of life, and specifically tells how to deal with it.”

-Colorado Woman News, February 1991, p. 33

“An overall discussion of the subject including various herbal treatments and diet.”NAPRA Trade News, Spring 1991, p. 26: “A much-needed resource!”

-The Herbal Connection, Vol. 2, No. 6, p. 28


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