The Perfect Seasons


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By Ilan Migdali
Trade Paperback Book
140 Pages

As most of us practice in an office in a city we may not always be sensitive to the changes in the seasons and do not consider the different energetic while planning a treatment.

Aligning ourselves with the changing seasons or cycles we partner with creation and receive the gift of applying the right treatment at the right time. We honor our clients by sharing and applying our understanding that the world’s energy is different during different seasons, and everyone is affected by these changes. In the years that I practice the seasonal and cyclical balance work, I am amazed by the beauty, simplicity and power in these needle combinations. My Patients have responded with gratitude to the improvement in their symptoms and appreciated knowing that their prescription is changing together with the season.

After reading and understanding these pages, you have all you need to begin your successful, highly effective and enjoyable Seasonal Acupuncture practice.

About the Author:

-Ilan Migdali Graduated from Emperors College in 1988. He traveled to China and India before opening his first acupuncture office in Hollywood in 1989. He began his studies with Dr. Tan in 1995 and has focused on Balance Method in his clinic for the last 12 years. With Dr. Tans blessing, he teaches BM in his native land of Israel.

He lives and practices in beautiful Conejo Valley, Southern California, where he appreciates the changing seasons and the beauty of nature around him.

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