Points for Profit: The Essential Guide to Practice Success for Acupuncturists, New Fifth Edition


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By Honora Wolfe & Marilyn Allen
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781891845642
416 pages

If you are starting a practice for the first time or if your existing practice needs a kick-start, this is the book you need. It covers everything you need to know about the business of practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Used by over 25 schools as a required text.

This new and largely revised edition of Points for Profit covers far more territory than the previous version of this widely used text. With several new chapters or subjects relevant to new graduates and practitioners alike, this book is the Bible of practice management and success for acupuncturists. The updated and fully-revised website that accompanies the book has even more resources for every aspect of running a successful pracctice.

  • Advice and stories from real practitioners all over the U.S. and Canada
  • Scores of pages of downloadable forms, letters, work sheets and templates on companion website so you don’t have to invent them yourself
  • A well-organized, easy-to-read, compact and humor-filled writing style
  • Condensed points to ponder at the end of each chapter
  • Hundreds of resources, websites and tips to make your professional life easier
  • An endless variety of marketing ideas that you can put into practice
  • New chapters on managing student loan debt, paying your taxes, working in a hospital, operating a community acupuncture clinic, electronic medical records and operating a profitable, compliant herbal dispensary

Please Note, there is an electronic teachers manual available to any instructor who uses Points for Profit in their course.

Praise for Points for Profit

“The Lucky practitioners who read this updated new edition of Points for Profit, written by the Queen of Practice Management, can expect not only to thoroughly enjoy the breezy fresh user-friendly style of this Bible of Successful Acupuncture/OM career building, but also to significantly increase their income and save the time and energy of making avoidable costly mistakes, thanks to the wisdom, experience, and insights of the foremost authority on the subject in the U.S. and maybe the entire Western world. The secrets of success offered here and the exhaustive resources in the appendices and on the companion website are indispensable. Honora’s generosity with her knowledge and energy is the ultimate gift to all Acupuncture/OM students and practitioners who want to increase their professional success. Don’t miss out!”

-Cynthia Neipris, L.Ac., Director of Career and Alumni Services, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

“What I like best about Points for Profit is that the author is an acupuncturist and businesswomen who has gone through the challenges unique to our profession. With specific, practical solutions on almost every page, this latest edition is especially useful because of the companion website with its numerous customizable documents that save you time, money, and frustration. There are also insightful new sections on how to deal with student loan debt, clinic partnerships, taxes, getting a job, and even on how to manage an herbal dispensary. Whether you run your own private practice, a community clinic, or are employed in someone else’s practice or in a hospital, Points for Profit addresses the most difficult challenges you will likely face and provides proven strategies and resources to help you overcome (or avoid) them. I highly recommend this book to every student and practitioner of acupuncture who is looking to have a long and fulfilling career as a successful practitioner and businessperson.”

-Lisa Hanfileti, L.Ac., Vancouver, WA, Creator of Insights-for-Acupuncturists.com

“At a time when professional graduates all over the country face the economic challenges brought on by rising education costs and student loan debt, it is even more important for professions to provide their new practitioners with the tools they need to be financially successful. For many years, Honora Wolfe has dedicated herself to providing students of East Asian medicine with salient, time-tested, and practical guidelines for creating and sustaining a successful clinical practice. In this latest edition of Honora’s excellent text, we are provided with an up-to-date and useful resource that demystifies practice-building and in the process empowers great healers to be savvy business people.”

-Bob Damone, M.S., L.Ac. DAOM (Cand.), Acedemic Dean, San Diego Campus, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

“I am a 3rd year student of Chinese Medicine and also a Certified Public Accountant. I recently purchased your book Points For Profit, and I think it is an incredible, invaluable source. I just wanted to send a thank you to the authors for taking the time to put these resources together to help students like me achieve success upon graduation. I really couldn’t ask for a better guide and am very grateful for all of the example templates you have provided on your website. Thank you again,”

– Amy (Name and school withheld to protect privacy)

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