Poke: a Community Acupuncturist’s Tale: Community Acupuncture Tales


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by Steven Knobler
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 978-1393129929
206 pages

Two years have passed since his father’s death and it’s time for Dr. Ray Zywicky to reopen his acupuncture clinic and return to life. But Ray won’t practice like before. The insurance companies helped cause his father’s demise and that’s unforgivable. Perhaps there’s another way; with a low cost, no insurance, community clinic. But is it worth the risk and effort?

Join Ray in Bibelot, Washington, a little jewel of a town, where Bonnie Brown’s brews great coffee, Rusty’s bar serves dubious drinks, uncle Mel runs the family funeral home, and an unusual cast of characters poke at each other, while Ray pokes them all, at the Northwest’s newest community clinic.

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