The Praxis of Recovery


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By Alex Brumbaugh
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780615671116

Conventional alcohol and addiction treatment programs discharge clients in three to eighteen months. Yet a core finding of the recovery model is that the threshold of success does not occur until after five or more years of sustained remission. This begs the questions, What happens during those years? The Praxis of Recovery approaches this question by framing recovery in terms of learnings. It explores: What specific learnings are involved in the achievement of successful, long-term recovery from addiction? In what environments involving what teachers with what qualifications are these learnings most effectively acquired? These questions are explored in the practical context of an idealized treatment program. In short, this books asks and answers the question, What would treatment look like if we did it right?

Praise for The Praxis of Recovery:

What would treatment look like if we did it right?

“”Treatment Works’ – the marketed mantra of the modern addiction treatment industry – obscures critical flaws in how addiction treatment is designed, delivered and evaluated in the United States. In The Praxis of Recovery, Alex Brumbaugh provides a loving critique and transformative vision that seek to reconnect addiction treatment with the larger and more enduring processes of personal and family recovery. Written in the final years of his life, Praxis is a moving legacy and a gift to all of us who remain to carry forward his work. This is highly recommended reading.”

William White, Author, Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America

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