Primordial Breath Vol. 2: An Ancient Chinese Way of Prolonging Life Through Breath Control


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By Jane Huang
Hardcover book
ISBN 9780944558010
287 pages

THE PRIMORDIAL BREATH, Volumes I AND II A translation of 16 different treatises on Embryonic Breathing, from the Chinese Taoist Canon, the Tao Tsang.

Blue whales live one hundred years and more. Seals, dolphins and the giant turtle enjoy longer life spans, when compared to land-living animals of same size. What these sea animals have in common is their capacity of controlling the frequency of breathing, for extended periods of time. The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu states that, “the epitome of virtue is to acquire immortality (Ma Wang Tui Excavation, Version A, Chapter 42.)” A large part of the 200,000-plus pages of the ancient (500 BC to 1400 AD) Chinese Taoist Canon, the Tao Tsang, deals with life prolonging breathing methods, the so called “Embryonic” or “Primordial Breathing” techniques. The body’s breathing function has always been regarded, in the most ancient esoteric teachings, as the very handle to be used to get hold of, or obtain the control of, one’s mind and body. Translated for the first time from Chinese, here are the most intelligible and comprehensive books on breathing control of the Taoist doctrine, including: a unique commentary revealing the Tao Te Ching as imparting actually arcane breathing practices, and, also translated here first, the Yellow Court Canon, a less known writing attributed to Lao Tzu.

The reader will find fascinating, detailed, objective instructions, written centuries and centuries ago, from personal experience, on how breathing is to be trained and refined, on the six different types of exhalations, that ancient Chinese believed, could cure different ailments and on the secret Taoist calisthenics or physical exercises that might prolong life.

A large part of the Chinese Taoist Canon, the Tao Tsang, deals with life-prolonging breathing methods, the so-called embryonic or primordial breathing techniques. The translations include a commentary revealing how Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Yellow court Canon imparted arcane breathing practices; detailed ancient instructions on the training and refinement of breathing, on the six different types of exhalations to cure different ailments, and on secret Taoist calisthenics and physical exercises to prolong life

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