Qigong Through the Seasons: How to Stay Healthy All Year with Qigong, Meditation, Diet, and Herbs


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By Ronald H. Davis
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781848192386
240 pages, 7.00 x 10.00″

Each season reflects different energies in the natural world. This guide to health through seasonal Qigong, including diet and meditation, seeks to creates harmony with nature’s cyclical energetic changes. Fully illustrated, it provides Qigong meditation, herbal information and dietary guidance for each season, including some appropriate recipes.

Within the holistic framework of the Daoist way, Ronald H. Davis provides a comprehensive and straightforward guide to the principles and practice of actively living in harmony with the seasonal energetic changes throughout the year.

The program focuses on the importance of Qigong, meditation, and diet to support good mental and physical health. The author includes clear explanations of the theory underlying this approach to a healthy life, including the Five Phases of Change (Five Elements) of Chinese Medicine, the body’s Qi system of channels and reservoirs, and the concept of chronobiology. For each season he provides a Qigong specific for the season, meditations, herbal information, and dietary recommendations with simple recipes to support the functions of the organ in focus in that season.

This accessible program of Qigong for the seasons will be of interest to anyone seeking a healthy life, students of Qigong at any level, and the seasonal emphasis makes this an excellent quick reference for Qigong teachers.

Praise for Qigong Through the Seasons

“Ron Davis’s nutritional guidance and emphasis on whole simple foods is sound and timeless. Qigong through the Seasons adds a new dimension to the concept of eating seasonally as a way to support the flow of our internal energy by mimicking the circulation of qi in the natural world. This is an excellent resource with clear instructions for health practitioners, nutrition professionals and any individuals wanting to enhance their health.”

-Alison Harmon PhD RD, Associate Professor of Food and Nutrition, Montana State University

“This book is a refreshing, elegant, and in-depth coverage of qigong for health. Accessible and yet profound, it is a complete joy to read. Good for seasoned practitioners or anyone interested in a healthy life, it translates ancient wisdom into a compelling and relevant model for health in today’s world.”

-Suzann Duquette, Daoist-Qigong Instructor

“Long before I had read any Chinese text or had even heard the word ‘dao’, I was searching for a book like this. With clear diagrams and simple, precise language, it illustrates how to harmonise our bodies and souls with the passing of the seasons using movement, self-tapping, diet and breathing, all tied in with gentle visualisations in the Chinese tradition. The transformative power of such practice is now well attested, and Ronald Davis, imbued as he is with many, many years practice, comes over as a consummate teacher. How much wiser to ensure, than insure our health! This book is a timely addition to Singing Dragon’s growing library of accessible qigong manuals. The merit of this text is its clear and gentle coaxing – giving us no excuse not to get down to it right away!”

-Richard Bertschinger, acupuncturist and author of several books including Everyday Qigong Practice and Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine: The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor

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