Reflexotherapy of the Feet


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By Hanne Marquardt
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780865779310
210 pages

This excellent guide, written by a renowned and distinguished expert and intended for the health professional, offers a necessary and comprehensive survey of the developments in the manual treatment of feet over the last 40 years. Divided into three broad sections, the first part describes the body macrosystem, the foot microsystem, body zones according to Fitzgerald (vertical, longitudinal, and horizontal), the basic therapeutics of treatment, discovering and palpating abnormal zones, indications and contraindications, dosage limits, specific grip techniques including stabilizing grips, and a careful explication of treatment preparation and therapeutic boundaries, and pain management during therapy.
In the second part, the value of the accompanying 82 color photos and illustrations is immense, as the seven groups of zones are described according to topography and treatment technique. Initial treatment assessments, follow-up treatments, and case studies are discussed. The third section contains additional information including symptomatic zones for special diseases, treatments for acute situations, self-treatment and care for those chronically sick, treatment for scars, and treatment of pregnant women, babies, and children.

Both for effectiveness of presentation and graphical aesthetics, this is a good choice for both the professional and the serious lay-reader.

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