Textbook of Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage Vol 2: Therapy


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By Ingrid Kurz
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9783830406891
100 pages

Volume 2 in this series, Therapy, provides theoretical basis and scientific explanation for Vodder’s work.

A special knowledge of lymphology and blood capillary physiology is necessary in order to explain the action of Manual Lymph Drainage. While volume 1 deals primarily with the practice of MLD, here we find the theoretical basis scientifically and thoroughly explained by a medical doctor and experienced practitioner of MLD. Without such an explanation, this new method cannot be accepted.

About the translator:

Robert H. Harris, is the director of the Dr. Vodder School North America, in Victoria, B.C., and specializes in MLD. This is the textbook for the Therapy I courses of the Dr. Vodder School.

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