Review and Pretest for Acupuncture Licensure Exam, 6th Edition


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By Sidong Chen
Trade paperback book
ISBN 0-9645339-0-9
513 pages, 8.50 x 11.00″

This book covers all important topics for the NCCAOM and California State exams except clean needle technique: basic theory, comprehensive studies, and point location. It includes 3646 board-like comprehensive questions (with answer keys) and 148 point location questions, with pictures. Contents cover: Theory of TCM, Five Elements Theory, Special Points and Treatments, Eight Extra Meridians, Lung System, Large Intestine System, Heart System, Small Intestine System, Spleen System, Stomach System, Liver System, Gallbladder System, Kidney System, Urinary Bladder System, Pericardium System, Triple Warmer System, and Point Location Exam Study Questions. In English, with Chinese characters. Since 1995, many students and teachers around the world have used the book to study for the NCCAOM exam and the exams in California, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, Canada, and Florida. There is an updated edition every 3-5 years (6th edition 2013).

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