Sand to Sky: Conversations with Teachers of Asian Medicine


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By Pamela Ferguson
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9780595445158
230 pages

Written by teachers for teachers, Sand to Sky provides practical and experiential insights to challenge tradition and to focus on creative and diverse approaches to education. For anyone interested in Complementary Medicine, these texts offer a lively question-and-answer format to highlight the personalities and methodologies of international teachers of Acupuncture, Asian bodywork therapy, Chinese Herbs, Biomedicine, therapist/patient interaction skills, and the psychosocial aspects of clinical training. Journey with teachers who use theatrical methods such as blue wigs, music, rhymes, dance steps, and tongue dyes to bring abstract Chinese Medical theory to life, or who take students into the Alaskan wilderness for a crash course in theFive Elements. Listen to a range of creative voices, from those who documented the medical discoveries of early Chinese physicians to those who pioneered emergency treatments for rescue workers in New York City post-9/11. Their stories form a colorfully inventive mosaic spanning the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, China, and Japan. Sand toSky offers a prompt for future discussions to train the next generation of practitioners and teachers.

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