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By Suzanne Yates & Tricia Anderson
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780750655231
208 pages, 7.25 x 9.00″

Midwives are continually searching for alternative ways to help women have healthy, fulfilling experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Increasing numbers of both midwives and pregnant women are drawn to the nurturing, holistic and personal approach of complementary therapies.

Based on traditional Chinese and Japanese approaches to health, shiatsu can be used to alleviate many of the chronic symptoms of pregnancy, such as backache, insomnia and morning sickness. It can also help during labor and birth, and relieve postnatal problems such as heavy postpartum bleeding or difficulties with lactation. Shiatsu encourages the body to balance its own natural energy by gentle stimulation of its energy pathways – the meridians – the same pathways used in acupuncture. The age-old midwifery skills of touching and stroking are an intrinsic part of nurturing and cherishing – the essence of ‘being with women’. Shiatsu takes this simple healing technique one stage further. Within this book you will find tips on how to use core midwifery skills of touch, gentle pressure and massage in a more systematic and focused way.

Shiatsu for Midwives covers both the theory and practice of using shiatsu. It looks at professional issues surrounding the incorporation of shiatsu and the differences in outlook between East and West, concentrates on the practical application of shiatsu techniques in maternity care and provide ideas for adapting techniques to enable self-healing for the midwife.

This practical guide offers effective alternatives to orthodox treatment and provides a valuable addition to modern midwifery care.

  • Focuses on a range of shiatsu treatments suitable for maternity care, providing examples of safe and effective techniques that can be performed during a shirt session.
  • Specific techniques designed to help with many of the common problems of pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.
  • Discusses the research base that underpins shiatsu, providing the most up-to-date information to support evidence-based care.
  • Fascinating case studies provide many anecdotal accounts of effectiveness.
  • Clear line drawings and photographs accompany the techniques, aiding understanding and successful practice.

This product is appropriate for:

  • Midwifery
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Antenatal Education

About the Author:

Suzanne Yates is the leading specialist in applying shiatsu to maternity care. She has been working with midwives and pregnant women since 1990 and has developed a course of applied shiatsu for midwives which fulfills the NMC requirements for training. Suzanne runs regular workshops, enabling many parents to rely on shiatsu alone for pain-relief in labour.

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