Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture, A Text and Video Guide


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By Stephen Birch
Hardcover book
ISBN 9783131500625
216 pages, 7.00 x 9.00″

This latest work from an eminent acupuncture scholar, clinician, and lecturer addresses the emerging interest in safe, specialized, non-insertion acupuncture treatment options for infants and children. As the only English language book available on the topic, this text is a must-have for all acupuncturists (regardless of style of practice), for students and teachers of acupuncture, as well for pediatricians who also use acupuncture. Shonishin works wonders for common respiratory and digestive ailments, ear infections, allergies, and many more conditions that are common to the childhood years. Because patient comfort is perhaps the most important feature in the treatment of children, the text begins with an overview of the underlying principles of Shonishin and the special tools and needles used to gently press, tap, scratch, rub, and stroke channels and acupoints on the child’s skin without penetration or irritation. The author outlines root and symptomatic approaches and techniques, followed by detailed information on how to manage a wide range of specific problems and diseases, and gives hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into clinical practice. The 48 case studies demonstrate which tools and methods work best for different patients, showing a range of treatment ideas, methods, and results available with the techniques described in the book. Additionally, the basic treatment can be easily taught to parents for home administration, which has the advantage of increasing treatment frequency and actively involving parents in the therapeutic process. The accompanying DVD gives a practical workshop that runs through real-time treatments.

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