Streetwise Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine: 60 Common Herbs Principles and Practice


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By Wong Kang Ying & Martha Dahlen
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781891688010
52 pages

This useful guide introduces Chinese herbal medicine as it is practiced in China and the west today. Concise descriptions and vivid photographs of some of the most commonly used herbs are presented, with the history, principles, and practices of Chinese herbalists. Simplicity, clarity, and clear color photos make this an invaluable introduction to an ancient yet still widely used medical system.

Included in this volume:

  • 62 common herbs, described in terms of Chinese medical theory as well as therapeutic values according to Western clinical studies.
  • Photos of the herbs as they appear in shops.
  • Recipes for teas and soups.
  • Information on prescriptions and how they are prepared.
  • Principles of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Introductions to the theories of yin/yang, qi, and energy flow along meridians.

    About the authors:

Wong Kang Ying is a permanent member and past executive of the Kowloon Chinese Herbalist Association.

Martha Dahlen has a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Hong Kong and is the author of Cook’s Guide to Chinese Vegetables.

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