Sustainable Medicine: Whistle-Blowing on 21st-Century Medical Practice


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By Sarah Myhill
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781603587891

Sustainable Medicine is based on the premise that twenty-first century, profit-driven Western medicine is failing to address the root causes of disease. Symptom-suppressing medications and “polypharmacy” have led to an escalation of disease and a system of so-called “health care” that is prohibitively expensive and unsustainable.

In this essential book, veteran clinical physician Dr. Sarah Myhill aims to empower people to heal themselves by addressing the underlying causes of their illness. She presents a logical progression from identifying symptoms, to understanding the mechanisms of disease, to offering relevant tests and a comprehensive toolbox of treatment strategies. As Dr. Myhill writes, “It’s all about asking the question ‘why?'”

Sustainable Medicine covers a wide range of symptoms including fatigue, pain, inflammation (infection, allergy, autoimmunity), toxicity, vitamin and hormonal deficiencies, and more. Dr. Myhill provides a general approach to specific illnesses and ailments. The case histories shared throughout show how people have successfully taken cotnrol of their health even in the face of the most discouraging symptoms– all without harmful interventions.

Praise for Sustainable Medicine

“A beacon of light and hope in a world where conventional medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States… Dr. Myhill empowers the patient by offering a thoughtful road map… that ultimately leads to health and vitality.”

-Dr. Natasha Winters, coauthor of the Metabolic Approach to Cancer

“[Dr. Myhill] not only critiques twenty-first century medical practice for its misplaced priorities, but she offers readers a far more valuable alternative: the tools to understand their symptoms and the mechanisms at play that give rise to them”

-Tom Cowan, MD, author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

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