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By Mantak Chia
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780892811953
192 pages

Tan tien chi kung is the art of cultivating and condensing chi in the lower abdomen (the tan tien), the fundamental power storehouse of the body. This lower abdominal area holds the key to opening the body and the mind for the free and continuous movement of chi. Tan tien chi kung contains specific breathing and movement exercises that develop the power of the chi stored in the body, thereby incrasing vitality, strengthening the organs, and promoting self-healing. These exercises provide a safe and effective method for receiving earth energy, which allows the practitioner to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

The plentiful photo illustrations are in full color and graphically underscore the textual instructions. Sections cover smiling and laughing chi kung; squatting chi kung; breathing, dancing, and bone chi kung,; closing the three gates; empty force and perineum power; and tan tien chi kung animal postures.

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