Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture: Volume 1 – Channels & Points


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By Piero Ettore Quirico & Tiziana Pedrali
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781588905673
400 pages

This extensively illustrated anatomic atlas provides the reader with concrete answers and reassurance on a wide range of questions pertaining to anatomy in acupuncture practice. This first volume, which covers channels and points, is presented in four sections. The first details the pathways and clinical indications of the 12 primary channels, the eight extra vessels, and their secondary branches, using a concise table format. It articulates the location, insertion, and stimulation method, anatomical relations, and principal clinical indications for the 361 regular acupuncture points and the 50 extra channel acupuncture points most used in clinical practice. Section 2 sets out the anatomic-topographic study of channels and points, detailing the location of the points in their different anatomic layers, and the pathways of the primary channels at skin level, using over 200 full-color illustrations that depict the point, skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and bone. It presents the cross-sectional anatomic study of the acupuncture points most used in clinical practice. Section 3 describes the pathways and principal clinical indicaitons for the muscle meridians (jing jin), the divergent channels (jing bie), the collecting channels (luo), and the skin regions (pi bu). The great channels are also described in this section. Section Four, the appendix, has two parts. The first part deals with auricular acupuncture, providing maps, an anatomic study of the auricle, and the location and clinical indications of the principal points. The second part describes the fundamental elements of selected modern microsystems such as scalp acupuncture, reflex dermalgias, dermatomes, myotomes, and sclerotomes.

This excellent reference work will help you improve your practice by augmenting your understanding of location, needling methods, attainment of de qi, anatomic relations, and key clinical indications for each point.

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