Teach Yourself to Read Modern Medical Chinese: A Step-by-Step Workbook and Guide -eBook


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By Bob Flaws
Digital Goods, Ebooks
ISBN 9780936185996
240 pages

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We’ve been trying to get Bob to sit down and write this book for years. We believe that the use of this book can revolutionize one’s understanding and practice of Chinese medicine. Using this book, every student with a little savvy and some perseverance can gain immediate, personal access to 2,000 years of Chinese medical literature.

This workbook is the first one ever written specifically to help acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese medicine to directly access the Chinese medical literature in Chinese. It will teach you how to teach yourself to translate critically valuable medical information. With the step-by-step instructions and resources contained in this book plus some patience and perseverance, you can begin translating modern medical Chinese within hours.

In this workbook you will learn:

  • How to look up Chinese characters in a Chinese-English dictionary
  • How to interpret the characters once you have looked them up
  • How to use quick “cheat sheets” for identifying: Chinese acupuncture point names, Chinese medicinal names, and Chinese formula names
  • How to purchase Chinese medical texts by mail
  • How to subscribe to Chinese medical journals from China
  • What to translate and what not to as a beginner
  • How typical Chinese journal articles and clinical manuals are set up

About the author:

Bob Flaws is one of the most famous practitioners, teachers, and authors/translators on Chinese medicine in the world today. He began his study of Chinese medicine privately with Eric (Xi-yu) Tao and then went on to continue that study at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bob has been involved with language study and translation for more than 40 years. As a professional writer, Bob’s knowledge of and feel for the English language is exceptional. Beginning at 40 years of age, Bob taught himself to read Chinese, one of the five foreign languages he can read.

Praise for Teach Yourself to Read Modern Medical Chinese -eBook

“Teach Yourself to Read Modern Medical Chinese is a “down and dirty” approach to learning to read Chinese on your own. Unlike most foreign language textbooks that teach grammar and vocabulary exercises, this book teaches to read modern medical Chinese by teaching how to look up characters in Chinese-English and Chinese medical dictionaries. “Cheat sheets” and “glossaries” are provided to help this process along… This book is filled with enough information to last a lifetime. It is well written, methodically organized, esthetically beautiful, but most of all, it fills a niche that has been void in our learning. [Translating Chinese] is definitely work, there is no way around it, but this book makes learning modern medical Chinese possible and enjoyable. This book could be a great textbook for teaching medical Chinese in our acupuncture schools.”

-California Journal of Oriental Medicine, October, 1998, p. 44-45


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