Wisdomkeepers: Transmissions and Ceremonies by Lakota Holy Men


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By Ora Abel-Russell
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ISBN 9780967303475
78 Minutes, 5.00 x 7.00″

Wisdomkeepers are the guardians of nature’s mysteries within the Lakota ceremonies and their practices, the medicine that is ruled by them, the songs that infuse our senses and our spiritual body, and the forces they produce that are identical to nature and its motivating power. These oral and entirely spontaneous transmissions, given by the three holy men, Joe Flying By, Dave Chief, and Leroy Curley, are a rare treasure of the highest generosity, directed for the greatest good. Their stories are told with complete equanimity, vividly conveying, without rancor or judgement, how Western civilization lacks connection to the natural world. Because passing on elders’ wisdom in the oral tradition to the next generation is almost impossible, given the fact that the three important elements of the Lakota culture–the land, the people, and the language–are all but gone, the film’s producer/director has provided a great service to those who have an interest in, and wish to learn from, ancient Native American teachings that have rarely been exposed.

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