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Official Treatment Protocols Include Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas for Novel Coronavirus


The virus was first noted in Wuhan, China and has been the subject of a massive effort on the part of the People’s Republic of China. This has involved huge testing programs, required self- and hospital quarantine, closure of businesses and factories, even the construction of entirely new hospitals.  Although these efforts have been covered in the English-language news media, the Traditional Medicine field has also been active. We are now able to make treatment information available from Chinese-language sources thanks to Shelley Ochs, who worked on the Paradigm Jin Gui translation and her Beijing colleague Thomas Avery-Garran. Shelly and Thomas work as Chinese doctors in Beijing.

COVID-19 is being treated as an Epidemic Qi

As introduction, Epidemic qì is the name given to evils that cause “epidemic diseases,” that is, highly contagious diseases. Both epidemic qì and epidemic disease are referred to by numerous names.

Epidemic qì (疫气 yì qì) is also called “pestilential qì” (疠气 yì qì)
“perverse qì” (戾气 lì qì, 乖戾之气 guāi lì zhī qì)
“abnormal qì” (异气 yì qì)
“miscellaneous qì” (杂气 zā qì)
“pestilential toxin” (疠毒 lì dú)
“epidemic toxin” (疫毒yì dú)

Epidemic diseases have five defining characteristics:

Contagiousness: Epidemic diseases are communicable by close contact.

Epidemicity: They affect a large proportion of persons in a community or area at one time.

Severity: They are severe, and sometimes fatal.

Rapid development: They develop rapidly after contraction.

Similar manifestations and course in all individuals. Each epidemic disease is characterized by similar manifestations and similar courses in all affected individuals. Different epidemic diseases are attributed to different types of epidemic qì.

The theories of epidemic qi and the six stages of penetration derive from On Cold Damage (伤寒论 shāng hán lùn) together with the Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Coffer (金贵要略 jīn guì yào lüè). The four levels of penetration in Warm Disease Theory (wēn bìng xué) is also relevant.  These principles are evident in the materials Shelley and Thomas have so kindly shared with us.

The first of these is Shelley’s “WeChat” post that translates the official protocols, and the guidelines developed by professionals on the frontlines of treating those suffering from Wuhan coronavirus.  It covers the recommended formulas and modifications for the early stages, middle stages, severe stage, and recovery.

The second contribution is the protocols from the Hubei Province Integrated Chinese\Western Medicine Hospital. This also notes the stages for each formula and provides a preventative decoction for the elderly or compromised individuals.

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