Acupuncture Physical Medicine -eBook


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By Mark Seem
Digital Goods, Ebooks
ISBN 9781891845130
150 pages

In the current evolution of acupuncture, a tradition born and nurtured in East Asia, few Westerners have yet had either the courage or the clinical experience to publish their owns thoughts and ideas. Mark Seem is among the notable exceptions to this statement.

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Seem has boldly shared his clinical experimentation and discoveries with other acupuncturists in the US and Europe. In this his latest work, he offers both a glimpse into his continuing personal development as a practitioner of this ancient art, and the fruit of his constant research into its clinical possibilities.

In this book, Dr. Seem describes his thoughts about the history and historical treatment of various diseases related to what has come to be called chronic fatigue in the modern Western medical world. He then gives detailed descriptions of the acupuncture strategies that he uses to treat such complaints successfully. The book has extensive drawings and diagrams for easy clinical reference.

Acupuncturists and other physical medicine specialists owe a great deal to Mark Seem for his continual probing beyond the known boundaries of his art and even more so for having the courage to share his work with the rest of us.


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