Archetypal Acupuncture, Healing with the Five Elements

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By Gary Dolowich
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9780972833905
311 Pages

Acupuncturists have used the Chinese model of the Five Elements for thousands of years to balance ch’i, the vital force of the body. This book explains how you can work with the ancient map of energy and apply a system based on the rhythms of nature to diagnose physical illness, resolve emotional imbalances, and navigate the stages of life.

Drawing upon case histories, spiritual poetry, classic sources such as the I Ching, and examples from contemporary culture, Archetypal Acupuncture: Healing with the Five Elements revitalizes traditional wisdom – bring East and West together. You are invited on a journey in which the elements are explored as universal symbols that allow us to cultivate a life that resonates with enduring values.

About the Author:

Gary Dolowich, M.D. has integrated Five Element acupuncture and Jungian archetypal psychology with Western medicine for the past twenty-five years. In addition to an active medical practice, he currently teaches at several colleges of Chinese medicine.

Praise for Archetypal Acupuncture:

“Dr. Gary Dolowich has written an intensely moving and balanced account of his synthesis of Five Element acupuncture, Jungian psychology, and modern medicine. There is much to consider and ponder in this engaging volume.”

-Ted Kaptchuk, Author of the Web That Has No Weaver

“This book serves as a path for our Western world into the heart of Chinese medicine. I recommend Archetypal Acupuncture to practitioners and patients, as well as to those who simply seek a fresh appreciation of the mystery that is life.”

-Dorit Reznek, President of Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

“Dr. Dolowich captures the spirit of the Five Element system, as transmitted by J.R. Worsley, and expands our understanding in an exciting direction.”

-Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D., Founder of Zero Balancing and Author Inner Bridges

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