Baby Beautiful: A Handbook of Baby Head Shaping


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By Justine Dobson
Trade paperback book
ISBN 0-964046-3-4
318 pages

Baby Beautiful: A Handbook of Baby Head Shaping relies on the findings of pioneering cranial therapists, who have researched the birth process and how it affects the bones of the babies head. Their painstaking investigations have made possible the reclaiming of an ancient tradition, but based this time on fact and science. Baby Beautiful: A Handful of Baby Head Shaping is written in language easily understood by parents. It is a comprehensive guide to the birth process, and the forces which push babies head bones out of alignment.

  • Balanced facial features are important
  • Birth process affects the bones of baby’s head
  • Baby head shaping explained
  • Health benefits of baby head shaping
  • You can do baby head shaping

About the Author:

Justine Dobson, DC, LMT, while correcting spinal and cranial fixations of her adult patients, discovered that the most effective cranial changes can be achieved working with babies. Thus she has devoted her efforts to communicating the techniques of baby head shaping. The key to health, she believes, is maintaining balance of the body’s structures.

Praise for Baby Beautiful: A Handbook of Baby Head Shaping

“This book is the most important shower gift you can give the expectant mother.”
-Lendon H. Smith, MD, pediatrician / author of Feed Your Body Right

“Truly a tour de force … immediately accessible to the lay readership. Congratulations!”
-Arthur L. Parker, DMD., dentist / cranial therapist

“Excellent opportunity to understand cranial osteopathy in words that are easy to read. An important health maintenance too for every parent.”
-Solihin Thom, DO, pediatrician / author of Cranial Fluid Dynamics

“A masterwork book for parents and health practitioners … Dr. Justine Dobson clearly describes gow to evaluate and provide ho,me therapies to create balance for the healthy development of a beautiful baby.”
-Diane Moore, founder, International Loving Touch Foundation

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