Chinese Medical Palmistry -eBook


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By Xiao-Fan Zong & Gary Liscum
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ISBN 9780936185644
205 pages

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This book is an introductory guide to the practical application of Chinese medical palmistry.

In Chinese medicine, every part of the body is believed to contain a hologram of the entire organism, just as each cell contains the genetic code of the entire body. Thus Chinese doctors have for centuries believed that one can diagnose health and disease from the shape of the hand, the mounds and lines on the palm, and the fingernails.

There are many other books on palmistry in English, but this is the first on Chinese medical palmistry. It has been compiled from a number of Chinese sources by a husband/wife team consisting of an American acupuncturist and a professional Chinese translator.

This book is meant for use by professional health care practitioners, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and MDs to aid them in the diagnosis of their patients. It is also meant for lay readers interested in learning about their own constitution and the sorts of diseases they are liable to develop. Thus this book enable one to see their health and also to take one’s own health into their own hands.

About the author’s:

This husband-wife team is a unique combination of clinical experience and translation expertise. Gary is graduate of the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, NM. He has been in practice in Greeley, CO since 1983. Zong Xiao-fan graduated from the Second Foreign Languages College in Beijing where she specialized in English language translation.


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