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By Mantak Chia
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781594771064
258 pages, 6.00 x 9.00″

Chia teaches an advanced level of inner alchemy that brings the physical body into balance with the energy body, a necessary prerequisite for the formation of the universal body,the pearl of compassion that is one with original creation and the universal Tao. Cosmic fusion works with the expression of the eight pakua of Chinese cosmology, through which all creation is divided and given form, nature, and definition.

The exercises presented here establish the spiritual body firmly in the lower abdomen, where qi energy is gathered and distributed to all parts of the physical body. The exercises, full illustrated with detailed color images, also show how to collect and channel the greater energies of the stars and planets. By fusing all these different energies together, a harmonious whole is created, a unity of above and below, heavenly and earthly. This allows the spirit body to prepare to move freely into–and from– worlds beyond.

Chapters include Cosmic Fusion and the Tao, Taoist Cosmology, Goals of the Fusion Practice, Energetic Preparations for Meditation Practice; Beginning Fusion Element Meditation; Compassion Fire Meditation and the Creation Cycle; Opening the Thrusting Channels; Opening the Belt Channels; and Fusion as a Bridge.

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