Curing Insomnia Naturally -eBook


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By Bob Flaws
Digital Goods, eBook
ISBN 9780936185866

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Chinese medicine offers a range of therapies for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of insomnia. This book describes these therapies and includes self-care and home remedies, such as self-massage, magnet therapy, moxibustion, Chinese aromatherapy, Chinese patent medicines, and herbal teas.

From the Author

“This is another of my series of “Curing” books. These are all books that I have written specifically to help laypersons understand the theory and benefits of Chinese medicine. Each book deals with a particular, commonly seen disease or group of diseases, and in each book, I try my hardest to make Chinese medicine understandable to people who have never been exposed to it before. Chinese medicine is a completely separate and different system of medicine from modern Western medicine, and all the things we learned in high school biology are of little use in understanding this system. However, if the reader is willing to set aside all their preconceived notions about human physiology and disease, I believe they will find that Chinese medicine provides very wise, compassionate, and empowering explanation of why we get sick and what we can do about it. Although people don’t usually die from insomnia, those with severe, intractable insomnia sometimes wish they could die. The good news is that Chinese medicine has a whole host of simple, safe, low or no cost home remedies to treat insomnia. And, no matter whether professionally administered or done at home, Chinese medical treatments are designed to cure without side effects. So if your frustrated by having to use sedatives and tranquilizers, I suggest you give Chinese medicine a try.”

-Bob Flaws


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