Feng Shui Made Easy: Expanded and Updated, Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement


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By William Spear
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781556439384
270 pages

In this updated edition of the classic best seller, feng shui expert William Spear clearly explains the fundamentals of the ancient art of placement, helping readers gain an intuitive understanding of its principles to restore balance, harmony, and inner peace to their lives. The book explores each house of the bagua – the chart representing all areas of life – and the symbolism of the I Ching, and includes new chapters on health, children’s environments, and sustainable practices, demonstrating the wisdom of feng shui for everyday life in the twenty-first century.

Praise for Feng Shui Made Easy

“The theory behind feng shui is that a life force flows through all things – buildings, hills, rivers, power lines, people … and the proper orientation of physical structures can enhance a person’s luck, wealth, and good health … the first rule of real estate may one day read, ‘Location, Location, feng shui.’”

-The New York Times

“William Spear has put together a book that is user-friendly, while still respecting the deeper aspects and implications of a profound science … Feng Shui Made Easy gives not just practical suggestions for analyzing and altering your environment, but teaches intuitive feng shui, so that you can learn to trust your feelings about your surroundings.”

-Yoga Journal

“William Spear is a sensitive genius with consummate knowledge and understanding of the art of feng shui … my ‘go-to’ person to resolve issues that make real estate unsalable.”

-Patricia Warburg, Senior Vice President of the Corcoran Group real estate company

“Shortly after my first feng shui consultation with William Spear, I won my first Grammy! In this book, he shares the same great resources for all creative spirits who love the earth.”

-Paul Winter, five-time Grammy Award-winning composer and musician

“We are shaped by the spaces of our lives and, in a time of information overload, the need to create moments of solitude and peace is even more vital than before. William Spear takes you into a deeper knowledge of feng shui and shows you how to define your environment and the surroundings you wish to live in.”

-Cameron Sinclair, cofounder of Architecture for Humanity, 2006 TED price recipient, and coeditor of Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises

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