The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life


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By Susan L. Westbrook
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781844091973

The world is in constant flux. Transformation is often forced on us, ready or not. A grounding and nurturing personal practice could be the difference between gracefully riding the waves of life or gasping and grasping through every transition.

In The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop, experienced coach and teacher Susan Westbrook shares a body-strengthening and heart-changing daily practice based on the legendary “Five Tibetans”, five yoga-like poses heralded as the “ancient secret of the fountain of youth.”

With the use of mantra, visualizations and spirit-nourishing stories to encourage deep reflection, this book is the first to employ the Five Tibetans as a means for profound transformational work. Discover the positive effects for yourself: feel the sand beneath your feet, follow a mountain river on its course, and watch a rainbow dance on the horizon. Laugh at the panicking pheasants, cheer for the doubtful downhiller, and fall in love with the sixth-grade snake handler. At the end of your journey, you will feel better, look better, and live better.

Regardless of your age of circumstances, The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop is a book for your body, your spirit, and your heart.

About the author:

Susan L. Westbrook, Ph.D., is an experienced teacher, transformational coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and workshop leader. She lives in the USA.

Praise for The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop

“We all need to do our own inner work to truly become the person we long to become. Susan shares an inspirational path to that end and offers insight from her own personal story. The wisdom offered in The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop is a treasure for all who long to explore the nature of our humanity and our spirituality.”

-Rick Tamlyn, author of Play Your Bigger Game.

“Susan Westbrook, in her well-written book on The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop, recognizes the profound benefit of pairing these exercises with meditation, wherein lies the potential for deep change and growth. Sharing personal experiences of her path, she guides you on the way.”

-Mary Horsley, author of Chakra Workout: Balancing the Chakras with Yoga.

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