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By Thomas Cowan
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781603586191

Thomas Cowan was a twenty-year-old college grad when he encountered the groundbreaking ideas of Weston A. Price and Rudolf Steiner. Throughout medical school and as he established his practice, Dr. Cowan remained fascinated by this work and, in particular, by Steiner’s provocative claim that the heart is not a pump. If Steiner was correct, what then is the heart’s true role in the body?

In this deeply persona, rigorous and riveting account, Dr. Cowan shows that not only was Steiner correct but our understanding of heart disease – with its origins in the blood vessels – is completely wrong. This misunderstanding is the reason heart disease remains the most common cause of death worldwide. Dr. Cowan offers a revolutionary new way of understanding the body’s most central organ and how we can best care for it – and ourselves.

Praise for Human Heart Cosmic Heart

“This book blew my mind… I thought I was simply going to be reading an interesting memoir of a good physician. Instead, I discovered the most groundbreaking, unorthodox, outside-the-box treatise on the heart that I have ever stumbled upon. If you have a heart and you want to live a long time, you must, must read this book.”

-Ben Greenfield, author of the New York Times bestseller, Beyond Training; founder and owner, Greenfield Fitness Systems

“What happens when the medical professions views the heart as a mechanical pump? We get ghoulish surgeries, medications with horrible side effects, and soulless low-fat diets. Tom Cowan asks us to look anew at the heart; first step is the demonstration that the blood pumps the heart, not vice versa. From this observation comes a way of treating heart disease that is more effective, more gentle, more felicitate than conventional protocol. Part biography, part wisdom, part practical advice, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart will change the way you look at the process of healing and the miraculous world of the human body.”

-Sally Fallon Morell, president, the Weston A. Price Foundation

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