Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy DVD


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By Jerry Alan Johnson
Digital Video Data
ISBN 9781885246332

This first DVD set was developed in order to teach Medical Qigong students, as well as other health professionals, the foundational knowledge needed to operate a safe and eff ective Medical Qigong clinic, as established by the Hai Dian University and the Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing China.

This 5 DVD set contains the following information: An Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy, The Five Energies of the Human Body; Building an Energetic Boundary; Clinical Safety (understanding toxic energetic pathogens); Contraindication and Improper Qigong Training; Building an Energetic Boundary; Introduction to Energy Blockages; Understanding the Structural Matrix of an Energetic Cluster; Combining Medical Qigong Therapy with Sound and Color; Treating Phantom Pains and Rebuilding The patient’s Energetic Fields; Qi Emitting Methods; An Introduction to Cancer Prescription Exercises; The Basic Clinical Protocol; and Treating the Patient.

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