Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Treatment Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions


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By Wu Bo-Ping & Jason Blalack
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780939616749
384 pages

Qin Bo-Wei (1901-1970) was among the most important physicians of the modern era. As a prominent clinician, educator, and scholar during a critical time of intense turbulence in China’s history, Qin worked to salvage classical schools of thought and created one of the most coherent systems for understanding Chinese medicine. An excellent clinical manual, this book teaches a procedural method of thinking that serves as a foundation for a lifelong approach to herbal medicine. An understanding of how to use Qin’s core concepts gives practitioners effective tools to address the majority of diseases seen in the contemporary clinic. Reflecting the thinking of Chinese medicine’s greatest clinicians, the text is organized by treatment method. This allows readers to follow the thought process underlying a prescription, rather than be bound to specified ingredients or original indications. Ultimately, this approach opens up treatment possibilities that are often ignored in conventional textbooks. Qin’s prescriptions utilize a small number of precisely combined ingredients, administered in small doses. Qin’s original work is enriched Wu Bo-Ping’s extensive commentary, which transforms it into a hands-on manual for the effective practice of herbal medicine. This is a text that imparts a wealth of clinical knowledge rooted in the tradition of an influential Chinese medicine lineage.

About the authors

Wu Bo-Ping graduated in the first class of the Beijing College of Chinese Medicine in 1962. He apprenticed for many years with Qin Bo-Wei, becoming one of his most prominent students. A generous and renowned instructor of Chinese medicine in China and abroad, he is best known as an accomplished clinician. He is now retired and lives in Hangzhou.

Jason Blalack is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and maintains a full-time practice in Boulder, Colorado. He studied closely with Dr. Wu Bo-Ping in China over many years.

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