Taoist Chi Kung Strategies


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By Larry Johnson LAC, OMD
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9781638779834
182 Pages

Jing – Chi – Shen

Taoist Chi Kung is well known for developing and refining the Three Treasures-Essence, Energy, and Spirit-to manifest our highest potential as human beings. This process is called Inner-Alchemy.

Inner-Alchemy is defined as the transformation of base to refined, taking the ordinary and materially bound consciousness through a step-by-step journey to Universal Presence.

Since ancient times the precise steps for this process and their exact order have been known but shrouded in secrecy.

  • Strategies tells the story of this process as handed down through the Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung lineage.
  • Strategies reveals the energetic principals of 108 exercises that are designed to nourish Essence (Jing • Level 1), matriculate latent transformational powers (Chi • Level 2), and harmonize man with the Divine (Shen • Level 3).
  • Strategies is an educational book, not an instructional manual.

Larry Johnson began his study of Hua Shan Taoist Chi Kung under Chan Chiu Lim in 1976 and became the only lineage disciple of Master Chan.

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