Unsafe at Any Meal: What the FDA Does Not Want You To Know About the Foods You Eat

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By Renee Joy Dufault
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780757004360

Each year, Americans consume food products that contain heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful additives – with the blessing of the FDA. Why is this happening and why haven’t you heard about it? In Unsafe at Any Meal, Dr. Renee Dufault, former food investigator for the Food And Drug Administration, provides the startling answers. While at the FDA, Dr. Dubault discovered toxic mercury residue in the plumbing systems of food manufacturing plants and in processed foods sol in supermarkets. When Dr. Dufault revealed these disturbing findings to her superiors, she was told to stop her investigation. She retired early and devoted her energy to making the public aware of the insidious dangers that contaminate our food. To expose what still seems to be a well-kept secret by the FDA, she has written Unsafe at Any Meal to provide consumers with the information they need to know.

The book begins with the author’s story leading to the creation of this work. It then describes the toxic substances most commonly found in our food supply, and explains how they affect your genes and health. It goes on to examine the Standard American Diet and the country’s trend toward consuming ingredients that can contain heavy metals – exposure to which can contribute to conditions such as ADHD or autism. Also included is a guide to reading food labels, recognizing misleading marketing tactics, and knowing what to look for, and what to look out for, in your grocery store.

Over fifty years ago, Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring exposed the dangers of DDT in our food supply. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem of food contamination has actually become worse. Backed by research and first-hand experience, Dr. Dufault reveals how the FDA has failed us, and outlines how you can protect yourself and your family by filling our kitchen with food that is free of toxic substances.

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