A Walk Along the River II


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By Yu Guo-Jun
Translated By Dan Bensky, Andrew Ellis, Craig Mitchell & Michael FitzGerald
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9780939616893
194 Pages

A Walk Along the River II picks up where the first volume left off, presenting the remaining chapters in the collection of case studies from the practice of Yu Guo-Jun and his teacher, Jiang Er-Xun. Twenty-two additional case studies are presented including disorders of the qi, blood, and body fluids; generalized disorders; gynecology and obstetrics; and pediatrics. There is also a personal essay by the author that traces his path in the study and practice of traditional Chinese medicine, and a bonus case study that explores time and space in Chinese medical therapeutics.

About the Author:

Yu Guo-Jun practices traditional Chinese medicine in the city of Leshan, Sichuan province. He learned Chinese medicine directly from senior practitioners during the Cultural Revolution and was one of the main students of Jiang Er-Xun, a physician who is renowned for his work with classical formulas. Dr. Yu assisted Dr. Jiang for many years in teaching his advanced classes for physicians, and then took over those classes after Dr. Jiang retired. Dr. Yu is the author of several books, has lectured in China and the United States, and continues to practice at the Leshan People’s Hospital.

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