Clinical Application of Commonly Used Acupuncture Points


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By Shi Zhen Li
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781901149067
1046 pages, 8.50 x 10.50″

As its title suggests, the primary aim of this text is to help acupuncturists gain a better understanding of the clinical applications of a number of commonly used acupuncture points. Following the classical methods of pattern identification and differentiation, treatment for the diseases discussed is approached and understood in different ways depending on the particular manifestations and patterns involved.

The presentation is in 16 chapters, with discussion os 86 commonly used points — 84 along the 14 main channels and vessels and two non-channel points. Each chapter relates to one particular channel or vessel, with each point having its own section. Each includes a presentation of the channel, pathway, and conditions treated for the primary and divergent channels, the network vessel, and the channel sinews; the physiology and pathology of the asociated organs; the channel points, and connections with other channels. The acupuncture point information includes origin of the name, alternative names, location and illustration, needling direction and depth, cautions, point classification, and additional features; range of applications; actions; methods of point selection; indications; clinical applications; case studies; point function differentiation; point combinations; needling direction and sensation; classical knowledge; historical experiences; and a translation of a classical poem for each.

This is a massive work that represents the heritage and clinical wisdom of four generations of acupuncture practitioners.

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