Wellness Workbook: How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality, 3rd Edition


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By John Travis & Regina Ryan
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781587612138
384 pages, 8.00 x 10.00″

This work is a practical whole-self approach to wellness and healthy living. Each chapter xplores one of the twelve interconnected forms of energy that contribute to overall health and vitality: Self-Responsibility and Love, Breathing, Sensing, Eating, Moving, Feeling, Thinking, Playing and Working, Communicating, Sex, Finding Meaning, and Transcending. Now in its third edition, the Wellness Workbook provides hundreds of exercises and ideas to help you fine tune your health and happiness.

From how you breathe to how you view the world, these twelve areas affect all aspects of your life: your disposition toward injury and illness, your relationships, your general level of happiness, and beyond. In an optimal state of wellness, all of your energies are in balance, and you are less prone to disease, stress, and other life-depleting factors. Using a self-assessment tool known as the Wellness Index, you’ll develop a clear picture of what areas in your life need attention.

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